Note to Offensive Tackles: John Abraham Thinks He Can Beat You

by Zeke Trezevant on November 2, 2012


FLOWERY BRANCH — Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham spoke in depth about his role in the upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, in particular his confidence level on the whole defensive line.

“I try to keep everyone in the same frame,” said Abraham. “I don’t care if you’re old or young, I feel like I can beat you. You can’t go into a fight knowing you’re going to lose.”

Abraham who has seven sacks on the season says his main concern is taking advantage of one-on-one play and getting to the quarterback.

“Whoever I go against, I try to focus on them,” said Abraham. “Right now I’m focused on them two [offensive tackles] . Last week I was focused on somebody else. Every week you’ve got to focus on those two people.  “My job is to beat that guy in front of me.”


Article by Zeke Trezevant

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