Are Falcons’ Roddy White, Julio Jones NFL’s Best WR Duo?

by Zeke Trezevant on December 15, 2012

Atlanta Falcons wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones | photo:


The wide receiver tandem of Roddy White and Julio Jones compete against the Giants’ Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks this Sunday in Atlanta when the New York Giants face the Falcons. At this point in the season, there aren’t too many other teams who have superstar talent at both the No. 1 and No. 2 wide receiver spots.

The wide receiver talent on display at the Georgia Dome should be spectacular.

The only other teams that could even be in the conversation would be the San Francisco 49ers. Although their tandem of Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham are dangerous, even they don’t compare to White and Jones nor do they compare to Cruz and Nicks. That said, the tandem of White and Jones and Cruz and Nicks are arguably the top two tandems in the NFL.

As far as which is better, it’s a must to with White and Jones. Cruz and Nicks are just as formidable and dangerous, but the injury to Nicks puts a dent in their argument  Both Jones and Nicks have been injured a few times this season, with Jones putting up significantly better numbers than Nicks.

Some of it boils down to Nicks missing three games and Jones missing none. But Jones did miss a good portion of the Falcons’ first loss of the season in New Orleans and also missed time against Arizona because of an ankle injury.

For comparison’s sake, Jones has 63 receptions for 997 yards and seven touchdowns while Nicks has 50 catches for 652 yards and three touchdowns. Those numbers make it hard to argue against Jones being the better option of the two.

White wins the battle between he and Cruz not because of numbers but because of his experience and ironically, the presence of Jones. White and Cruz are relatively equal in numbers with White accounting for 1,140 yards and Cruz accounting for 1,004. They are also almost tied with the same amount of receptions, White has 77 and Cruz has 76.

White’s career-high is 1,389 yards back in 2010. He is 249 yards away from beating that record with three games left to go. He is without a doubt benefiting from the presence of Jones.

Having Jones, not to mention Tony Gonzalez and Harry Douglas, on the other side of him makes teams have to double team one and leave the other in single coverage. That conundrum allows either White or Jones to have big games and more times than not this season, its been White.

White’s eight years of experience compared to Cruz’s three gives him an invaluable amount of hardened know-how over Cruz. Experience is something that cant be coached and White has it. It’s that experience that should theoretically give White and Jones a boost over Cruz and Nicks.

The White-Jones duo is better because of how their individual strengths compliment each other. While Cruz and Nicks are every bit as good as White and Jones, they don’t compliment each other as well. White’s combination of speed, knowledge and experience plays perfectly alongside Jones’ size, speed and pure athleticism

Both tandems are talented but White and Jones are better.

Article by Zeke Trezevant

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