Video: WR Roddy White Talks About Playing 65 Plays Hard, Not 57

by Knox Bardeen on December 17, 2012


ATLANTA — The Atlanta Falcons beat the New York Giants Sunday 34-0 in the Georgia Dome. Wide receiver Roddy White spoke about the big win and put into perspective just how important it is to play great football for a full 60 minutes.

“We’ve been playing 57 plays hard instead of 65,” said White. “Today I feel like we played 65 plays hard.”

The Falcons have had moments this season where they’ve played excellent on offense, but not for the entire game. The same goes for the defense, that’s actually altered the course of games, but never played top-notch football for a full game.

Sunday’s win over the Giants was Atlanta’s first effort where both the offense and defense excelled for the entire game. Add in special teams and it was a complete effort.

Article by Knox Bardeen

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