Roddy White Feels Falcons Should ‘Scrap’ the Deep Pass

by Knox Bardeen on December 7, 2011

FLOWERY BRANCH — Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has been known to be a jokester in the locker room, and he’s usually a fun guy to have around.

Even after Sunday’s loss in Houston, when White took his moment with the media in front of his locker Wednesday, he wasn’t jovial but he wasn’t downtrodden either.

The first question fired at White was about the first series — the two deep passes that were overthrown by quarterback Matt Ryan.

“We just went out there and didn’t hit the plays we were supposed to hit,” said White. “The outcome is what it is. If we hit the early ones, it’s a different ball game. But, we didn’t hit them and we didn’t get off to the start that we wanted.”

Simple. Succinct. Honest.

Here’s where it gets interesting: The second question was again about the deep ball, but this time a more general question about timing and difficulty.

“I have no idea,” said White. “I don’t even know the answer for it. I don’t know, I think we should just scrap it and just do something else. We should just do some other things. We’ve missed a lot of them this year. I don’t really have an answer — we hit them at practice. We just can’t seem to hit them in a game.”


White laughed after he made this statement, but it wasn’t a really convincing laugh. The assembled media gave him a chance to take the statement back, or give us a ‘just kidding’, but that didn’t happen.

White gave more of his feelings.

“We’ll probably do some different things,” said White about what the Falcons should do instead of throw the ball deep. “Maybe a few more timely passes, things like that to get the ball out of Matt’s hands and get it to us to see if we can make some people miss and get explosive plays like that.”

And that was that. Apparently White feels the offense should take the deep pass out of the playbook.

I’m still not convinced White wasn’t speaking tongue-in-cheek on Wednesday. But, he had every chance to give us a wink to let us know he was just playing around. That wink never came. White finished up with the media and left for positional meetings.

That’s life dealing with Roddy White on a daily basis.

Article by Knox Bardeen

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