2012 Atlanta Falcons Undrafted Free Agents

by Knox Bardeen on April 28, 2012

[Update: The Falcons have released their official list.]

The Atlanta Falcons added a group of rookie undrafted free agents to their 2012 draft class. The signings began directly after the conclusion of the draft Saturday, and were announced by the team Monday.

All rookies will report to Flowery Branch, Ga. on May 11 for a three-day rookie minicamp.

Here are the 23 2012 Atlanta Falcons undrafted free agents, according to a release by the team:

  1. Philip Manley, OL, Toledo [Twitter announcement]
  2. Josh Harris, LS, Auburn [Twitter announcement]
  3. Patrick Schiller, LB, Northern Illinois [Twitter announcement]
  4. Cody Pearcy, WR, Huntingdon [Twitter announcement]
  5. Jerrell Harris, LB, Alabama [Twitter announcement]
  6. Dominique Davis, QB, East Carolina [Twitter announcement]
  7. Tyler Horn, C, Miami [Twitter announcement]
  8. Michael Calvin, WR, California
  9. Louis Nzeqwu, DL, Wisconsin [Twitter announcement]
  10. LaMark Brown, WR, Minnesota State [Twitter announcement]
  11. Robbie Frey, RB, Connecticut [Agent announcement via twitter]
  12. Rico Council, LB, Tennessee State
  13. Adam Nissley, TE, Central Florida
  14. James Rodgers, WR, Oregon State
  15. Chad Faulcon, S, Montclair
  16. Max Gruder, LB, Pittsburgh
  17. Bryce Harris, OT, Fresno State
  18. Marcus Jackson, WR, Lamar
  19. Ray Kibble, DT, Kansas State
  20. Marty Markett, CB, South Carolina
  21. Micanor Regis, DT, Miami
  22. Peyton Thomas, CB, San Jose State
  23. Dawson Zimmerman, P, Clemson

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