Roddy White Gets No Love On NFL Top 100 List

by Alex Welch on May 17, 2012

NFL Network continues to release its rankings from its series “The Top 100: Players of 2012”, and the Falcons continue to receive little love from the voters. Roddy White was ranked No. 24 overall on last year’s list, but this time around he fell all the way down to No. 65.

White didn’t think too highly of his new spot on this list. He responded on Twitter by saying, “I’m going on NFL Network tonight at 9 for the top 100 which means I’m in the 60s which is ridiculous.”  While he was able to joke around with the panel on the show that night, it was clear he felt a little unappreciated.

His reaction video is worth the watch, so if you haven’t seen it yet be sure to take a few minutes to do so.

White starts off by saying, “I’m just happy to be on this list.” But with Warren Sapp laughing at that comment in the background, he goes on to say, “But not where I’m at. I’m not happy where I’m at on this list.”

He can say he’s glad he’s included on this list all he wants, but we all know White was completely undervalued. It was revealed that nine wide receivers are ranked ahead of him, another outrageous fact. There is no way No. 84 is the 10th-best receiver in the league right now.

In 2011 White ranked second in total catches (100) and eighth in receiving yards (1,296). He has the second-most receiving yards since 2007, and he’s just one of three players to put up five-straight 1,000-yard receiving years. No. 65 overall? Please.

Knox Bardeen also weighed in on this matter. He doesn’t seem to thrilled with White’s ranking either, calling it “laughable” at one point.

White finished second in the league in receiving yards with 1,389 in 2010 and eighth with 1,296 last season. How does averaging just under 1,350 yards per season over the last two seasons warrant a ranking at No. 65?

When asked what might have contributed to his ranking falling so far, White noted that he led the league in dropped passes. He was also questioned about Julio Jones taking away from his production, but he shot that idea down quickly.

“Actually he’s done wonders for me. I get a lot more 1-on-1 coverages,” said White.

There’s no denying White’s ranking is way off from what it should be. It won’t make a difference to him, though, when the season rolls around, as he’ll rack up the stats for yet another year.

Article by Alex Welch

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Alex Welch is Kennesaw State University graduate who covers the Falcons and various other sports for several publications. This is Alex's first season covering the Atlanta Falcons.

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